Welcome to SUMO Japanese Restaurant where the people are nice, the food is priced right, and you never leave hungry. SUMO is very proud to offer a comfortable family atmosphere while satisfying the most selective sushi aficionados. And because SUMO is the largest sushi restaurant in the region you’ll always have a place at our table.

Check out our website, follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest specials, and then join us for a dining experience that will leave your taste buds talking.

We look forward to seeing you. Have A Happy Day!


At SUMO, we’re known for our huge selection of succulent sushi rolls. Each an artistic creation made from the freshest ingredients guarantees a feast for the senses. Your toughest choice will be picking a favorite, and you can’t do that until you’ve tried them all. We’ll be seeing you again ;-)

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Chef’s Rolls


Chef’s Rolls


Prince Lobster Roll $11.95 Vegas Roll $10.95
O.M.G. Roll $10.95 Ultimate Albacore Roll $9.95
Sunset Roll $9.95 Spider Roll $10.95
Rainbow Roll $9.95 Lobster Roll $10.95
Golden Philadelphia Roll $9.95 Caterpillar Roll $9.95
Tiger Roll $10.95 Dynamite Roll $10.95
Rose Roll $9.95 Black Dragon Roll $9.95
Red Dragon Roll $9.95 Alaska Roll $10.95
Camarillo Roll $9.95 Green Monster Roll $9.95
Snow Roll $10.95 Ultimate Salmon Roll $10.95
Innocent Roll $9.95 Ichiban Roll $9.95
Sensual Pleasure Roll $9.95 Asparagus Tempura & Shrimp Roll $9.95
Tempura California Roll $9.95 H.O.T. Roll $9.95
SUMO Roll $9.95 Tempura Roll $9.95
Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll $8.50 Smoked Salmon with Shrimp Roll $9.50
Heart Attack Roll $8.50 Mexican Roll $6.95
Crazy Roll $7.50 Mr. Jalapeno $8.50
Asparagus & Crab Roll $6.95 Fish Boat $6.95
Monkey Brain $9.95 Crunch Roll $9.95
Tim Roll $13.95
**Prices subject to change and may differ slightly in restaurant due to market rates.


At SUMO, half price doesn’t mean half as good or half the time. We use only the freshest ingredients on our half price menu to maximize taste bud satisfaction, and our half price menu is available all of the time. It’s our little way of saying thanks and come again!

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Half Price Sushi



Half Price Rolls



Tuna $5.95 $2.98 Tuna Roll $7.50 $3.75
White Tuna $5.95 $2.98 Spicy Tuna $6.95 $3.48
Yellowtail $7.50 $3.75 Yellowtail Roll $7.95 $3.98
Salmon $5.95 $2.98 Salmon Roll $6.95 $3.48
Albacore $5.50 $2.75 Spicy Albacore Roll $6.95 $3.48
Halibut $7.50 $3.75 Scallop Roll $6.95 $3.48
Fresh Eel $7.50 $3.75 Philadelphia Roll $7.95 $3.98
White Fish $4.95 $2.48 Octopus Roll $6.50 $3.25
Shirmp $5.50 $2.75 Shrimp Roll $6.50 $3.25
Crab $4.95 $2.48 Crab Roll $5.95 $2.98
Octopus $5.95 $2.98 California Roll $6.50 $3.25
Scallop $5.50 $2.75 Salmon Skin Roll $6.95 $3.48
Smelt Egg $4.95 $2.48 Vegetable Roll $5.95 $2.98
Salmon Egg $5.95 $2.98 Asparagus Roll $5.95 $2.98
Squid $5.50 $2.75 Avocado Roll $5.95 $2.98
Mackerel $5.95 $2.98 Cucumber Roll $4.95 $2.48
Surf Clam $5.50 $2.75 Lobster Hand Roll $9.95 $4.98
Bean Curd $4.95 $2.48 Eel Hand Roll $9.95 $4.98
Egg $4.95 $2.48
Quail Egg $3.95 $1.98

**Prices subject to change and may differ slightly in restaurant due to market rates.




At SUMO we are proud to offer our patrons a wide variety of over 100 fresh and delicious menu items to satisfy the most selective palette. The items pictured above are a few of the SUMO chefs’ personal favorites. Try them all, we think you will love them too!


Book The SUMO Private Room For Your Next Party Or Event

With a warm, inviting, and intimate environment that can accommodate up to 50 persons, SUMO’s private room is the perfect choice for your next get together. Depending on your request our private room can be configured in a variety of different formats. With our state of the art audio and visual system there’s not a bad seat in the house. Click the photos above and contact SUMO today to book your next social function. The freshness of our venue will make you glad you did.

Our Private Room is Great For:

- Birthday Parties - Group Get Togethers
- Anniversaries - Retirement Parties
- Rehearsal Dinners - Corporate Presentations
- Graduation Celebrations - Club Meetings
- Charity Events - Holiday Parties
- Movie Nights - Televised Sporting Events


Just The Way You Want It

Whether your event is for 20 or 500 guest we can build a menu to meet your budget and tastes, or go with one of our packages for as low as $9.95 per plate. Send us details below, and SUMO will serve up a flavorful solution.


Hire A Personal SUMO Chef

Take your event to the next level by bringing a SUMO chef on-site to create culinary magic. Maybe it’s a private in home dinner party or a corporate affair. A SUMO chef will make it better. Contact us below for pricing.

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Thanks for finding SUMO. We are located just off the 101 and minutes from the heart of Camarillo. Tell us about an experience, call for a reservation, or let us know if we can cater your next event. With ample front door parking, there’s a spot with your name on it. Drop by, enjoy, leave happy!

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